Beers of British Columbia

Published in 2010, a novel idea at the time, I made an in depth study of the rappid development of micro-breweries and brew-pubs in the province of BC., Canada. Over 250 different brews were tasted between my son and me during the six months prior to publication. A very hard job, you can imagine,  but paid off as the book became very popular and sold overFront cover Beers of BC promo copy  3,500 copies the first year. Some copies are still available at and .com plus Chapters Indigo book stores in Canada and on line.

Some of the reviews are

Every beer in British Columbia at your fingertips

From an article in the Vancouver Sun by Randy Shore, May 2010
A downright handy encyclopedia of suds. Beers of B.C. breaks the province down into three main beer regions: Vancouver Island, Lower Mainland and the Interior and North. It further separates micro-breweries from brew pubs and lists those that offer tours and tastings. The book blends historical information about the different kind of beers while waxing out the merits of each beer. There is also a section on beer tasting terminology. But you can decide for yourself as you work your way through the almost 300 different beers mentioned in this book.

It’s about time BC had a book about it’s craft brew.

I picked this book up in July and it’s a good companion to those who want to “keep their taste buds in BC”. Leo has put in information about brewery tours, the offerings of each craft brewery in BC, and some helpful tables to make looking up that favorite brew or fun brewpub that much easier. This saved me a lot of time having to try and compile all the info from each breweries website and to keep it all straight. If you like good quality craft beer and want to know about what that industry has to offer BC, then this book is your starting point. Cheers!